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Cuts Price List

ServiceStarting PriceDescription
Cut & Style$90+Includes Shampoo & Style. Book this service when it’s time for a new style and/or more than two months (8 weeks) have passed since your last haircut/trim.  If you desire a straight, silky smooth finished style, please add-on either a SILK PRESS (Natural Hair Only) or a FLAT IRON to this service.
If your hair just needs some maintenance to remove split ends, without losing any length or altering the hair shape, add-on a TRIM to your other booked services instead.
$40+No Shampoo or Style included. Hair must be freshly washed and dried, with little to no product.  This service is performed on dry hair. It is a stand-alone service that cannot be booked in conjunction with any other service.

All listed prices are starting rates, and should therefore be used a general guideline only.