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Weaves/Wigs Application Price List

All our Weave Services include a protective style as a base, hair installation, and a finished style. Our Weave Services do NOT include a Shampoo. Please arrive with your natural hair clean and dried.  If you prefer, you may Add-On Shampoo ONLY service.  Feel free to take a peek at the other Add-On Services we have in this category to make your life easier! Please note that Add-On services, such as Weave Take-out, is best booked in advance, as we otherwise cannot guarantee there will be enough time to complete your booked service.

Sew-In Weave$125+All Weave services include protective style base, hair installation, and finished style. This service does NOT include Shampoo. Please arrive with your natural hair clean and dry.  You may Add-On services at checkout, including SHAMPOO, CLOSURES and FRONTALS.  Please note that Add-On services are best booked in advance, otherwise we cannot guarantee enough time to complete your booked service. 
Note that hair is NOT included. Please bring hair of your desired length and colour to your appointment. 
May only be added to a WEAVES/WIGS Service booked.
Sew-In Tracks (per row)
Glue-In Tracks (per row)
Colour (per bundle)
Weave Removal
Shampoo & Fast Dry
U-Part Wig install (2hrs)$140+A versatile option that gives a more natural-looking finish.
Note that wig is NOT included.  Please bring your wig to your appointment.  All hair must be clean, detangled, and dry. If you have any questions or concerns regarding reusing or purchasing hair, please CONTACT us and/or book a CONSULTATION at least 72 hours (3 days) before your scheduled installation.
Weave Shampoo & Style$95+This service includes Shampoo & Flat Iron
Weave Flat Iron Only$50+This service does not include Shampoo.  Please arrive at your appointment with clean and dry hair.

All listed prices are starting rates, and should therefore be used a general guideline only.