Please note that some of our stylists set their own pricing for services.  All listed service prices are starting rates, and are based on short, medium textured hair. Final pricing is determined by the amount of time and product needed to perform the service and achieve your desired look.   We aim for transparency during our consultations as to what is achievable, as well as pricing of our services. We encourage you to confirm prices with your stylist before beginning your service.

Booking Online

A minimum deposit of $25 (for the first 2 hours; $25 each additional 30 minutes) by credit card
is required to secure all online bookings. Your credit card and contact information are securely
and privately stored. Your credit card will not be charged for the balance of your services. If you
do not have a credit card, you may leave a 50% cash deposit at the Studio at least 48 hours
prior to your scheduled appointment date.

 Choosing the Correct Services

Please ensure you book the correct service, as each service has a different time allocation.  Otherwise, we may not be able to provide the correct services at your scheduled appointment due to time constraints.  If you need help in identifying which service best fits your needs, please CONTACT US to speak with one of our stylists.

 If you would like us to conduct a full, stand-alone assessment of your hair before your appointment, please book a CONSULTATION.  The $25 fee will be applied to your next booking (within 3-weeks of initial CONSULTATION).  Should you decide not to book with us, or book after the 3-week period, the service fee paid will no longer be transferrable.

Before Your Appointment

Two days (48 hours) prior to your appointment, we will send you an appointment confirmation text and/or email message. Please confirm your appointment, or if you must cancel, choose the option to cancel. If we do not receive your confirmation by text message prior to 48 hours before your appointment, or if we give you a courtesy call to confirm your appointment and we cannot reach you, your appointment will be cancelled in accordance with our CANCELLATION POLICY.

Arriving For Your Appointment 

COVID-19 Measures

Please do not enter our salon if you, or anyone you have been in contact with within the last 14 days, has tested positive for COVID-19. Please do not enter our salon if you are exhibiting symptoms which include fever, cough, tiredness, loss of taste or smell, sore throat, headache, aches and pains, difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, chest pain, or feeling generally unwell.  We also ask that you do not bring any guests to your appointment who are not scheduled for services.

Late Arrival Policy

Please try not to be late! If you are running late, please CONTACT us to let us know as soon as possible.  We will do our best to accommodate the services you booked.  Keep in mind, that late arrivals can result in cancellation/rescheduling of your appointment if we do not have time to complete the entirety of your service.

At Nadine’s Hair Studio, we understand that accidents and emergencies may prevent you from giving us the 48hr. notice we require for cancelling or rescheduling your appointment.  However, our VIP GUESTLIST clients are given one (1) grace appointment a year to allow for these last-minute cancellations or no-shows.  Sign up for our VIP GUESTLIST for free today.

General Policies


We do not issue refunds on our services.  However, it is extremely important that you leave the STUDIO feeling great and loving your hair!  If you want to request any type of Re-do to a service already provided to you, please CONTACT us within 48 hours of your appointment, and before booking another appointment through our online system.  Any Re-do must be completed within 14 days of the initial service, and with the same stylist. 

We cannot guarantee the results of work and/or alterations done by you and/or stylists outside of our STUDIO.  Although we try our best to accommodate your requests, it is very difficult for us to alter/correct other people’s work.  We strongly recommend creating a fresh style.  This also allows us to thoroughly analyze your hair and make the best recommendations for you.

We reserve the right to refuse a Re-do for various reasons; including but not limited to, if the stylist discussed with you the possibility of being unable to achieve the results you were aiming for, or if you or another stylist makes any adjustments to your hair after the original services were provided.  

We will do our best to help you manage your expectations by offering our educated opinion on what is achievable for you. We only want what is best for you and your hair and we will never provide you with a service that is risky.  If, during the consultation, we find that your hair history (for example, previous use of box dyes, perms, straightening, etc.), has compromised or damaged your hair such that the hairstyle you want is not achievable, we will first try and come up with a solution. If it is not possible to meet your expectations, we may refuse service and cancel the appointment.  If there is risk involved and you decide to proceed, and your stylist is also willing to proceed, you may be asked to sign a WAIVER releasing Nadine’s Hair Studio and its staff from all liability in relation to the services you ask us to perform.

Please note that if you have previous box-colour or henna present in your hair, colour services may result in unpredictable results.  These products contain mineral salts which can react poorly with professional hair colour.  Depending on the situation, colour fees (per bowl) may apply to Re-do’s.

To maintain your hair colour and condition, we recommend you only use professional hair care products at home.  Drugstore products can affect the longevity of your colour and the integrity of your hair. During your visit, your stylist will recommend the products best suited for your hair type and lifestyle.  You may purchase these professional hair care products at our STUDIO.


Given the dangers associated with some of the tools and chemicals required for many of our services, we recommend not bringing small children to your appointment.  When children are present, we ask they be constantly monitored by adults.


It is advisable to leave all valuables, such as jewellery, accessories, purses, and high-end (or much-loved) garments at home or in your car. Nadine’s Hair Studio is not responsible for any damages (including stains) and lost or stolen items during your visit.

Zero Tolerance 

We have a zero-tolerance policy for non-inclusive behaviour, rude and inappropriate conduct, in conversation towards our staff or any other individual in our space. If we identify any of these behaviours in our salon, we will ask you to stop and/or leave the premises immediately.