Nadine Matthews – Owner, Senior Stylist, & Educator

Nadine Matthews is a creative and talented hairdresser, entrepreneur, mentor, educator, mom. After graduating high school, Nadine’s passion for hair led her to renting chairs as a freelancer in other women’s shops. Eventually, her client base grew so large it propelled her to open Nadine’s Hair Studio. Fourteen years later, Nadine continues her mission to ensure each client receives a signature style and leaves the salon feeling great! Further contributing to the salon’s success is Nadine’s ability to transform new hairdressers into top stylists. A love for teaching fuelled her to complete a teaching degree in 2014. Now, Nadine combines her two passions by continually training stylists, mentoring co-op students, and teaching hairdressing through the TDSB.

Nadine Matthews
– Owner, Senior Stylist, & Educator

Molina Chin –Braid Specialis & Stylist

Mo began her journey as a hairdresser by working as Nadine’s assistant over 12 years ago. Over these years, she discovered her passion for braiding and subsequently honed her craft for creating beautiful braid styles on women, men & their children. Now, Mo is the go-to stylist for cornrows, straight back styles and 2-strand twists.

Eulan Coleman- Weave Specialist & Stylist

Specializing in weaves and wigs has worked at Nadine’s for 13 years.

Ruby – Master Loctician

Meet our in-house Loctician, Ruby, who helps her clients grow gorgeous, healthy and enviable locs. Her thriving client base is built on helping hundreds of clients begin their loc journeys and salvage locs those that seem unrecoverable. If you’re thinking about locking your hair, or need maintenance for your existing locs, look no further!