Located in the heart of Little Jamaica, Toronto for more than 14 years, Nadine’s Hair Studio specializes in a range of services for all types of textured hair. From weaves and wigs, to braids and twists, relaxers and perms, silk press, cut & colour services, ponytails, kids’ hair, & more. Our mission is to provide a friendly, personalized service through a team of highly skilled and creative professionals. We understand that your hair is your signature, your crown. The success of our business has been, and will always be, to ensure that you walk out of the Studio feeling beautiful and in love with your hair!

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“I want Nadine’s Hair Studio to return to the busy, energetic salon it once was…  when clients would swing by just to say hello and chat, and where women can be comfortable letting their hair down (literally). The new factory-style salons- where you are hurried in and out- are missing that personal touch that people long for, and that we are known for. Although you walk into Nadine’s Hair Studio as a client, you leave as a friend.” 

Nadine Matthews, Owner Nadine’s Hair Studio

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